This is me…🤔🤪😉

I have two first names and it’s a hyphenated name Cheryl-Ann which is representative of me being different, extra and a unicorn in many areas of my life #awkwardblackgirl. I was born in Barbados and moved to Boston in the USA at the age of 11. After living in Boston for most of my life, I took a leap and moved to Washington, DC in July 2001 and I found happiness and purpose working as a School Counselor in DC public schools. In August 2010, I decided to move abroad to work as a School Counselor in an international school. What I thought would be one year turned into 8 years. Currently I am living in Cairo, Egypt working as a Middle School Counselor.

I am a bonafide beach gal #islandgal and I love chocolate, coconut water, coconut and mango ice cream, laughing, eating out, listening to music, Idris Elba and dancing 💃🏾💜😍. I am an introvert, an awkward black woman otherwise known as the bajanchocolatunycorn. This blog describes my life as a #BlackExpat living abroad and traveling around the world while discovering my passions where #travelismytherapy and I am #Livingmybestlife. Come along for the ride on my journey.

As educators who live abroad we talk about a lot about our dream school or country. While there are a couple of schools I would like to work at, I don’t know if any of them are a dream school for me. I do know I have a couple of requirements for the next country I want to live in.

A warm, tropical climate

A beach close by so I can spend some weekends there or at least go once a month

Access to coconut water, coconut and mango ice cream and a variety of fresh fish

A large number of people of color and expats so let’s say the African continent or the Caribbean🤔

Dating possibilities because yes I am ready 🤗

A support network of POC in the community and at work

Access to healthy food at restaurants because I don’t enjoy cooking 🤷🏾‍♀️

A variety of social events so I can get out and enjoy life 💃🏾

A school that offers a good salary so I can travel and save, good benefits including settling in allowance, professional development allowance, a retirement match, a  counseling department and a SST system even if it is in the beginning stages.

Either a good reliable transportation system or taxis that are inexpensive

If I had to choose countries today I would say Ghana or Tanzania, I used to think South Africa but I don’t want to deal with winter🤨but as life this past year has taught me, you never know where you are going to land.

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