A low key visit to Muscat 😏

Recently I had a week off work to travel and I chose to go to a country close to Cairo because of pure exhaustion and I didn’t want to embark on a long trip. I wanted several things: a direct flight, a place that would be warmer than Cairo because winter and possibly have beach and it had to be a country I have not visited before. You see I am focused on #steppingoutsideofmycomfortzone and as a solo traveler sometimes I just want to return to what is familiar. A new friend recommended Oman because she spent 2 months there and liked it. She even recommended a hotel and me being unmotivated and worn down, I booked her recommendation. What she didn’t tell me is that Oman is expensive, it is spread out unlike Cairo and so going anywhere takes a long drive and taxis are expensive. So not quite the budget trip I usually take but…🤷🏾‍♀️I should have done some research because I’m picky.

The hotel was in very nice location with lots of restaurants close by, on the water by a wharf but there was no beach close by. I woke up feeling sick the second day I was there so I did no sightseeing at all. Luckily there was a supermarket and pharmacy in the mall which I could walk to so I could get fish oil and vitamin C tablets to nurse my cold away. I spent the next 3 days sitting outside my hotel with my kindle reading, my coat zipped up to my neck because I was cold despite the warmer temps. Well my body needed to rest and so that is just what I did. The other challenge there was carpeting in my room to which I am allergic but I had claritin and I stayed outside for most of the day. #crisisaverted

One of the interesting experiences for me about traveling solo is the questions people ask me about my boyfriend/husband. It has happened in too many countries to track. Oman was no different, at the gelato place I met Maybelyne a Philippino woman who asked if I was alone, and was perplexed by this. When I said I don’t have either one right now, she told me she hopes I find someone soon. A girl can hope and dream but it’s not gonna happen in Cairo. Maybe in my next country 💜 will find me😉 😚 since I’m putting my desire out in the universe. Inshallah

Despite these hiccups I enjoyed visiting Oman because it is super clean which was such a nice break from Cairo. The people were super friendly and I met a couple of black Omanis which is significantly different from Cairo; where although they are some Sudanese refugees and people from other countries in Africa they don’t make any attempt to engage or return smiles or nods. The woman Fahti who checked me in told me she loved my hair and that people back home wear it this way. When I inquired about her home she says Zanzibar and I tell her how much I love Zanzibar and would love to live there. Alas it’s not meant to be at this time but I digress. I met a gentleman the next day, a real estate agent and he told me that his ancestors came from Comoros, an island off the East coast of the African continent and Zanzibar and that Zanzibar was once owned by Oman. Wow, I didn’t know that. We spent some time talking about his travels in the UK and other places and about my life as an expat. It was a nice conversation that ended after dinner with some nice mojitos.

On my full last day in Oman I was feeling much better so I took a taxi to the beach and went for a stroll. I couldn’t leave without seeing the beach even though it wasn’t warm enough to go into the water. A man came over and asked if he could walk with me, he asked me about where I was from and said he liked Americans…hmmm ok. This walk and offer to take my photos for me turned into an invitation to take me sightseeing which I declined and this man eventually telling me he liked me and wanted to hook up with me🤦🏾‍♀️. Nah I passed and I sent him on his merry way. Funny enough, this is not the first time I have been offered/asked to hook up in an international country 🤔 I guess I give off that free spirit vibe. The rest of the evening I spent talking with a South African woman who moved to Oman to train as a beauty technician and watching some gentlemen play a very spirited serious game of soccer with a lot of trash talk. It was a lot of fun.

Although I didn’t see much of Oman, I had a good time, I liked the organization of the city and the openness of the people I met there. The food was good and the hot chocolate and macaroons were so yummy😋because I am sweets gyal and life is always better with chocolate, good company, alcohol and the ocean. I only wish I had gotten around to exploring the markets, the museums and the mosques. Maybe next time 🤷🏾‍♀️,

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